Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Storrie Lake

Storrie Lake State Park is located just a few miles north of Las Vegas. For the geographically challenged, that is the Las Vegas in New Mexico, not the one in Nevada.

At the entrance you will find a nifty visitor center that contains lots of local information.

The park is alongside the eastern and southern shores of the lake. At the north end there is a boat ramp and a pair of group shelters.

Heading south, close by the visitor center, is a clean restroom with showers.

At the southern end is a playground.

Turning west from there you will arrive at the river area. There is a large group site here and another restroom.

45 developed sites are available, about half of those offer electricity and water. Reservation sites can be had with and without power.

So let us walk back from south to north.

Behind the river group shelter are four sites with power and neat stone shelters. They look like little houses on the prairie.

Passing by the playground we enter the reservation loop. The sites on the right can be reserved.

There is a small loop of sites across from the visitor center.

And another bunch at the north end by the boat ramp, some with power.

The wind usually picks up in the afternoon, making this a popular spot for sailing. The mornings are calm, which makes for great fishing. So what could be better? How about primitive camping right on the lake!

Yep. You can fish right from your campsite. My brother Mike would love this.

Early morning walks alongside the lake allow you to capture wonderful images. I am a sucker for reflections, so bear with me as we walk north to south.

Even without clouds, the morning sun invigorates the scenery, giving it warmth.

Freddy and I really enjoyed our stay here. We had wonderful walks and he acted goofy as usual.

But beware of the playground police. If you are a fan of the seesaw, make sure to obey the speed limit.

Otherwise Ranger Manny will slap you in irons.

Greg and Freddy


  1. Lovely pictures! Freddy is too cute :-)

  2. So are the sites in the south cg primitive? Can’t tell if they are for tents only. I have a 24’ C. Thinking lake front site would be wonderful