Monday, January 13, 2020

A Resume of Sorts

A brief note to regular readers of my blog. This is not another "where is Greg and what has he done now" post

This is a resume of sorts.

This post is actually the latest of over 200 blog posts I have done since 2011. If you are reading this on a computer, and I hope you are, there are chronological links on the top right side. 2018 and 2019 are from New Mexico. The rest are from all over the country.

So without further rambling, may I present myself and Freddy.


After 18 months working in the State Parks of New Mexico, the award winning team of Greg and Freddy the Wonderpup are now available to take your campground to the next level.

I'm serious about the award winning part.

Freddy was part of the ceremony as well.

But he seemed more interested in the bag of treats he received.

We visited all of their state parks and our duties, which also included light maintenance and temp host work, was to showcase each park through words and photographs. A photoblog if you will. A link to each was posted on the individual park's homepage.

It was a great success, for which we were presented a Partnership Award by the State of New Mexico.

Yep, he really is a wonderpup.

For references you can can contact Christina Cordova, the head of public relations:

Or Janice Krish, head of the volunteer division:

Prior to that we had a two month contract at Camp Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. In addition to general campground duties, that job entailed getting their camp blog up and running.

That is what I would like to provide at my next job. But for a longer term.

I will get into more detail shortly.

Before that I spent over nine years travelling the country and visiting over 1000 campgrounds.

Yep, not a misprint. A friend and I started a website called, for which I took photos of every campsite and all the amenities at National Parks, State Parks, etc. I've talked to over 10,000 campers and know what they appreciate and dislike. What makes them happy campers.

So, what we are looking for is a fun friendly family campground. A place families return to every year. A place to create memories.

Our requirements are pretty simple. We have a small camping footprint. Just a thirteen foot Scamp trailer and a Honda Element.

We only need 30 amps, 20 will suffice, and a nearby restroom and water. Freddy needs an area to run off leash and chase tennis balls. Or bears. He's not picky.

And a reasonable salary.

In addition to providing your campground with a wonderful witty blog, updated weekly, chock full of campers having fun and amazing scenic photos, I enjoy taking photos of families and groups that I email to them at no charge. You can add that to your website. Complimentary professional portraits to capture those precious memories.

Like a bachelorette party.

Or a family reunion.

Or the number one dad in his son's eyes.

Or just a pretty smile and a butterfly.

About us. Freddy is a four year old GoldenDoodle. But he hates that label. Call him a Royal Canadian Waterdog like I do and you will be rewarded with a paw shake.

I have camped almost my whole life. Expert at fishing, canoeing, and all things camp related. Plus I'm a great handyman and can do all jobs that don't require a contractor.

I'm a professional photographer and writer and very computer literate.Familiar with various campground reservation systems like camp master, etc. but only if needed to help out.

Check out my links and my references. We will be an outstanding addition to your campground.

I look forward to hearing from you. Freddy looks forward to the next grand adventure.


Greg and Freddy

Phone: 760-607-2385


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Heron Lake State Park

In northwest New Mexico near the Colorado border is the fascinating little town called Chama. Plenty of antique shops, restaurants and a cool mountain train make this a popular destination.

About 15 miles away you will find Heron Lake State Park. At a tad over 7000 of elevation, this large no wake lake is extremely popular for fishing, sailing, and camping.

The campground contains 250 developed sites with about 50 having power hookups. But I am getting ahead of myself. The first stop upon entering this large park is the Visitor Center.

This visitor center was amazing as usual but contained a hidden gem.


She is an amazing crafts person and her daily classes are a big hit with kids of all ages.

Handmade paper and her secret recipes result in beautiful works of art. She gave me a few so I took photos of them. The birds below belong on a window like the artworks above.

Simply beautiful.

Exploring the park north to south, the first camping area is the Willow Creek and Blanco campgrounds.

There are over 70 sites in these two loops, which contain the hookup sites. Many can be reserved. A modern restroom with hot showers is available.

The sites are large with good separation.

We stayed in site 54.

Between the two loops is the Group Shelter. This is a great one. Freddy approved.

There is an area to the left that contains power hookups.

Looking back towards the gate.

Continuing towards the dam is Brushy Point Campground.

When the lake is full these are prime sites.

Next up are the Island View and Salmon Run loops.

Another modern restroom.

And nice large sites.

Next to the dam is the Ridge Rock Recreation Area. There are a couple of semi developed sites.

But mostly folks will dry camp down by the lake.

The boat ramp can handle most water levels.

Across from the dam is deep gorge and a trail leading to El Vado Lake.

There are several other trails here, a short nature trail and one that connects all the campground areas.

Freddy thought the cloud above him looked liked a clown. A smiling clown. Freddy has issues with clowns. Especially smiling ones.

High water or low, the lake looks beautiful.

It was on one of these walks that Freddy and I ran across an interesting gal from Wyoming. She called herself Sally K and claimed to be a gold miner. She had her dog with her, at least I think it was a dog. Freddy had other ideas.

"Abert's Squirrel" he said.


"Abert's Squirrel. Like the ones we saw at Manzano Mountains State Park."

I pondered this. He could be right. I asked Sally K if she had any pics of her, umm, dog, and if she could send me one as my camera batteries were recharging.

"No problem" she said, taking out a gold nugget encrusted phone and sending me a pic.

So you decide. Here is a photo of her, umm, dog.

And here is an Abert's Squirrel.

The coloring is a little different but I think Freddy is right.

Greg and Freddy